Current Students

Some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your trip to Keuka:

  1. Information Sheet – what to pack, first day and last day schedules, lots of details for our daily experiences
  2. Packing List – the nuts and bolts of what to bring with you


These forms are due by JUNE 1

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Medical History – please make sure the immunizations are filled in or a sheet from your doctor is sent in listing the immunizations (New York State Dept. of Health law)
  3. Permission to Attend Eastman@Keuka 
  4. Arrival and Departure of Student


These forms are due before camp opens on JULY 9 and may be brought to check in or mailed/scanned in advance

  1. Commuter Child Pickup form Only for those who are commuting or who will have someone other than a parent picking up at the end of camp.

And these forms are required by NYS to be shown to all families attending our camp:

  1. Meningococcal disease fact sheet
  2. Meningococcal disease – Letter to families
  3. Camp Safety